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Every mom who is about to give birth to a new life begins, from the first months, to think about what to put in a suitcase for giving birth.

So to not miss anything at this important time, during the whole gestation, every day you set aside something for the big day.


Usually, to accompany the trouble search of body, blanket, underwear suitable for mom, lingerie, items you need for the first exchange, there is a list that is daily stretched because something is always forgotten.


There are no real rules telling us what to bring to the hospital for birth, or telling us when to pack the suitcase, each one organizes according to their needs.


One thing is certain: It is better starting in advance.


The hospital bag that cause anxieties to all dads to be ready to run to the hospital at the first complain of their partner is under the bedroom armchair since the seventh month of pregnancy.


Ready for any kind of emergency is all well-arranged and in order and you keep putting in  placemats, blanket, body,sheets,pajamas, baby suits  until the day before the birth .

It is often not enough a suitcase, it takes more than one, especially to contain the happiness of becoming a mother.


You can find everything you need to fill your suitcase in the category NEWBORN SET of our site.

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